Vanessa has been around animals all her life and has great compassion for them all .She stared her animal career at the age of 15 working at a zoo in North Wales where she was trained to be very observant and studied animal behaviour, she was lucky enough to work with the Australian Dingo and learned how to read their body language and facial expressions which has become invaluable to her as she went on to work in the animal welfare sector.

Her job for 8 years was rescuing and handling sick, injured and neglected dogs, cats, small animals and horses and taking them to rescue centres to be cared for and found their forever homes.

She then wanted to experience the rehabilitation side of animal welfare and has worked with all types of dogs and cats with a multitude of problems and some in terrible conditions which means having to give regular treatments and medications ,where constant care and understanding their behaviour is key to rehabilitation then going on to find a loving new family.

Vanessa believes all dogs and cats are unique individuals and should be treated as such, every dog and cat in her care will be treated with compassion made warm and comfortable and happy ,she has had dogs and cats all her life and has taken her work home with her on more than one occasion but has been rewarded with love and devotion